Who We Are?

Recovery Community Organization

Take Action Today

Take Action Today is a faith-based 501c3 not-for-profit aimed at growing recovery resource capacity in Franklin, Jefferson, Perry, and Williamson County, IL. As a Recovery Community Organization, we work to advocate for the needs of the recovery community on local, regional, state, and national levels, develop training opportunities for people in recovery and create service opportunities for people in recovery to give back to their communities. TAT is committed to the development of the Peer Recovery Specialist role and delivering non-clinical support services that help to increase a person’s chances of successful long-term recovery. This can happen through one-on-one recovery coaching, support group participation, and regular engagement in the recovery community. A member of the Association of Recovery Community Organizations, TAT collaborates with many other similar organizations on regional, state, and national levels to ensure that high-quality, evidence-based practices are used.

Our Mission

Create a vibrant, grassroots recovery community that fosters long term recovery in the lives of those at risk of/or experiencing substance abuse and/or homelessness.

We provide non-clinical, peer-based recovery support services to people seeking recovery from a lifestyle of substance use and/or homelessness.

what we do

Our mission is simple; to support people seeking recovery from lifestyles of substance use and homelessness.

TAKE ACTION TODAY supports the recovery community through the following programs:

Peer Recovery Support Program

TATs Peer Recovery Support Program connects people seeking recovery from substance use and homelessness with trained Peer Recovery Specialists (PRS). PRS deliver non-clinical case management services, recovery planning, and recovery coaching that promotes the initiation and maintenance of recovery.

Recovery Resource Center Initiative

TATs Recovery Resource Center Initiative is focused on the development of community centers where people seeking recovery can find the support and resources needed to successfully achieve long-term recovery. Recovery resource centers provide positive social environments free from the stigma people experiencing substance use and homelessness typically encounter.

Peer Workforce Development

TAT’s Peer Workforce Development program is focused on the development of a credentialed peer recovery support training program that will train people living in successful long-term recovery to work as PRS and obtain professional certification through the Illinois Credentialing Board. TAT aims to create a workforce of peers that will staff current and future expansion of services.

Communities of Recovery

TATs Communities of Recovery (CoRe) program is focused on fostering the development of other recovery community organizations in rural communities throughout Southern Illinois, to deliver peer support services in underserved rural communities.

Recovery Community Development

TAT is committed to creating a community where people in recovery can thrive physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. 

Southern illinois Recovery Network

The Southern Illinois Recovery Network (SIRN) is a collaborative effort of stakeholders brought together to provide a unified voice of advocacy for the recovery community in the lower 18 counties of Illinois.