A Faith-Based Recovery Community

Take action today

Take Action Today is committed to the development of Recovery Resource Centers, Recovery Housing, and the growth of a healthy, vibrant Recovery Community in Franklin, Jefferson, Perry, and Williamson County, as well as throughout Southern Illinois. We are a faith-based organization committed to serving all people seeking recovery regardless of race, creed, age, sex, color, national origin, handicap, sexual preference, religious orientation, union, political affiliation, or pathway of recovery. Our community is built on 3 Pillars: advocacy, training, and service.
Take Action Today is a 501c3 charity and accepts donations in order to grow resource capacity for people experiencing substance use and homelessness. 

Have you recently experienced an overdose or know someone who has?

Take Action Today now offers Overdose Survivor Kits to anyone who has recently experienced an overdose. Kits Include Narcan, Fentanyl test strips, Xylazine test strips, basic first aid supplies and a list if contacts for treatment and support. 

 Please reach out to us at 618-212-3171

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We are a vibrant, grassroots recovery community focused on fostering long term recovery in the lives of people experiencing substance abuse and/or homelessness.